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Date Description
08/14/2017 Multi-Asset ETFs for Uncertain Markets (Zacks)
07/14/2017 Arrow Funds Offers Niche Solutions to Search for Yield (ETF Express)
06/04/2017 Ultrashort Bonds Beckon as Rates Rise (Wall Street Journal)
05/03/2017 Arrow Funds adds two ETFs to ETrade's Commission-Free ETF Platform
04/05/2017 A New ETF for Capital Protection and Income (ARCM)
04/04/2017 Arrow Funds adds Active Fixed Income ETF to its Exchange Traded Fund Lineup (ARCM)
02/07/2017 3 Diversified Funds Paying Up To 9.5% (Forbes)
02/06/2017 High Yields, Multiple Sources, One Fund (Wealth Management)
12/29/2016 Multi-Asset & Developed International: 2 ETFs to Watch on Outsized Volume (Zacks)
11/11/2016 How to Find the Best Style ETFs 4Q16 (New Constructs)
08/12/2016 Diversified Momentum Rooted in Relative Strength (Ticker.com)
07/07/2016 Managed Futures Funds: The Best and Worst of June (DailyAlts)
07/06/2016 Managed futures funds took some of the sting out of Brexit (Investment News)
06/29/2016 DUNN Capital's Managed Futures Strategy Takes #4 Spot on Barron's Top 100
06/27/2016 In Brexit Rout, Managed Futures Funds Emerge as Winners (Bloomberg.com)
05/02/2016 4 Best Dividend-Paying Global Equity ETFs (Investopedia)
10/20/2015 4 ETFs for Income in Q4 (Zacks)
10/05/2015 Arrow Funds Provides First-Time Mutual Fund Access to Managed Futures Pioneer, DUNN Capital
09/21/2015 Multi-Asset ETFs to Lower Portfolio Risk (Zacks)
06/26/2015 Diverse Dividends Offer Broad Appeal (Human Events)
05/02/2015 4 Best Dividend-Paying Global Equity ETFs (Investopedia)
04/13/2015 Winning Three Ways With a new ETF (ETF Trends)
04/11/2015 A New ETF Gunning To Beat The Stock Market With A Three-Pronged Strategy (Forbes)
03/17/2015 ArrowShares Introduces a Factor-Based U.S. ETF (Zack’s Investment Research)
03/03/2015 This New ETF Focuses On Quality, Value And Momentum (Benzinga)
03/03/2015 New Factor ETF From ArrowShares Debuts (ETF Trends)
03/03/2015 ArrowShares Launches the Arrow QVM Equity Factor ETF (QVM)
02/17/2015 An ETF of ETFs on the Rise (ETF Trends)
02/11/2015 3 ETFs Yielding Over 6% to Watch as Market Speculates Rising Rates (Zack’s Investment Research)
01/23/2015 ArrowShares to Bolster Lineup With a New Factor ETF (ETF Trends)
01/22/2015 ArrowShares to Launch the Arrow QVM Equity Factor ETF (QVM) (Marketwired)
01/20/2015 5 Dividend ETFs to Buy for Income in 2015 (Zacks Investment Research)
10/26/2014 Hedge Funds Cut Coffee Bull Bets As Brazil Drought Eases (Bloomberg)
10/24/2014 More Unique ETF Sources of Yield (ETF Trends)
10/01/2014 ArrowShares Adds Second ETF With DWA Tactical Launch (ETF Trends)
10/01/2014 Arrow Introduces Its First Actively Managed Exchanged Traded Fund with the Launch of the Arrow DWA Tactical ETF (NASDAQ: DWAT)
08/12/2014 Lesson from Steve Jobs on Delivering a Brand Experience (Advisor Perspectives)
08/05/2014 Zacks Investment Ideas Feature Highlights: Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (Zacks Investment Research)
07/28/2014 Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (GYLD) New Cusip and ISIN Effective Tuesday, July 29, 2014
06/25/2014 3 Overseas Income ETFs to Boost Your Portfolio Yield (Benzinga)
03/10/2014 Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (GYLD) Garners More Than $100 Million in Assets
12/30/2013 High-Yield ETFs For Dividend Growth Portfolios (Seeking Alpha)
12/26/2013 Best ETFs For 2014: 9 Picks From 9 Strategists (Investors.com)
09/16/2013 A Global Multi-Asset ETF Yielding 7% (ETF Trends)
06/17/2013 6 ETFs for Diversification and Income (The Street Report)
05/24/2013 A Global Multi-Asset ETF Yielding Over 6% (Seeking Alpha)
04/03/2013 Arrow Funds Teams Up with Dorsey Wright & Associates to Educate Advisors on Tactical Asset Allocation
03/15/2013 3 New ETFs That Deliver Yield and Growth (StreetAuthority)
02/26/2013 Why ETF Liquidity is More Than Just Volume (ETF Trends)
12/10/2012 How to Generate Secular Yield in a Portfolio (ETF Trends)
10/17/2012 Some Sub-$100M Bond ETFs Looking Good, Too (Benzinga)
08/27/2012 VIDEO: Arrow Global Yield ETF Flying High (TheStreet)
08/22/2012 How to Hold On for Commodities' Wild Ride (AdvisorOne.com)
07/25/2012 The Longview Extended Commodity Index (LEX) Seeks to Provide "Better Beta"
07/25/2012 Three "Dividend ETFs" That Go Beyond Stocks (ETF Database)
06/18/2012 Multi-Asset ETFs for a New Conversation (Forbes)
06/14/2012 5 ETFs for an Income Portfolio (MarketWatch)
06/08/2012 Multi-Asset ETFs See Top Inflows (ETF Trends)
06/06/2012 A Diversified Approach to Income (Morningstar)
06/05/2012 Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (GYLD) Declares 8.7% Distribution (NYSE Arca: GYLD)
05/22/2012 Arrow Funds Launches Institutional Share Classes for Entire Mutual Fund Suite
05/18/2012 Income-focused ETFs for the Yield Hungry (MarketWatch)
05/11/2012 New Fund Goes Global For High Yield (TheStreet)
05/09/2012 Arrow Funds Targets Global Yield for ETF Debut (ETF Trends)
05/09/2012 ArrowShares Debuts with Global Yield ETF (Seeking Alpha)
05/08/2012 ArrowShares Debuts Global Yield ETF (GYLD) (Zacks Investment Research)
05/08/2012 Arrow Launches Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (Barrons)
05/08/2012 Arrow Launches the Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (NYSE Arca: GYLD)
11/01/2011 Investment Advisor Magazine: Arrow Funds' Alternative Plan
08/16/2011 Arrow DWA Balanced Fund Reaches 5 Year Milestone
08/15/2011 FINalternatives: Joe Barrato Discusses Hedge-Like Mutual Funds
08/12/2011 Morningstar: Three Funds to Protect Against Market Volatility
03/21/2011 Arrow Announces New Hires in Product Development and Marketing
03/08/2011 Arrow Investment Advisors Celebrates 5 Years of Growth
12/31/2010 WSJ Online: Arrow DWA Balanced Fund Ranked 3rd in Category for 2010
08/13/2009 Arrow DWA Balanced Funds Reaches 3 Year Milestone
06/23/2008 The Wall Street Transcript: Arrow Funds & Alternative Investment Solutions
06/02/2008 Arrow Funds Launches DWA Tactical Fund; Firm Reaches $350 Million AUM
03/07/2008 Academic White Paper on Portfolio Creation Using Alternative Asset Allocations
11/19/2007 The Wall Street Transcript: Investing Strategies Report on Absolute Return Strategies
10/31/2007 Arrow Launches New Alternative Core Product
09/11/2007 Arrow DWA Balanced Fund (DWAFX) Hits $100 Million in Assets
04/23/2007 Former Rydex Team Carves Out New Niche
02/21/2007 Fund of ETFs Leads the Way for Moderate Allocation Mutual Fund Performance
11/14/2006 Arrow Fund's Executive Interviewed by The Wall Street Transcript
10/18/2006 New Fund of ETFS Garners $25 Million Since Its August Launch
07/25/2006 Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA) Partners With Arrow Funds


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