Executive Team

Joseph Barrato
CEO, Director of Investment Strategies

Joe is a founding member of Arrow Investment Advisors, LLC, the advisor to Arrow Funds. His responsibilities include investment strategy, business development and marketing. Joe's experience of more than 25 years includes six years at Rydex Investments, where he was positioned at the helm of Rydex research, educating financial intermediaries on how to use Rydex Funds. He created fundamental and technical research tools and developed momentum models with Rydex sector funds. As Director of Product Development, he was responsible for researching new strategic opportunities, as well as creating high-quality investment products and services. He also initiated the research to create and launch the firm's first buy-and-hold mutual fund, the Rydex Sector Rotation Fund. Joe and his team were responsible for developing innovative index and smart beta ETFs, including the S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF (Symbol: RSP).

Prior to Rydex, Joe spent 12 years at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. As a financial analyst, he assisted economists and analyzed monetary aggregate data. As a senior financial examiner, he advised Fed officers and board officials on financial, operational and managerial enhancements. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from The George Washington University, where he majored in finance and minored in accounting.

Jake Griffith
President, Director of Sales

Jake is a founding member of Arrow Investment Advisors, LLC, the advisor to Arrow Funds. His primary responsibilities include sales and key accounts. Before starting Arrow Funds, Jake spent 10 years at Rydex Investments, where he established a new investment advisor to provide mutual fund wrap strategies utilizing institutional money managers. As part of the firm's business development group, he was responsible for the development and promotion of unique mutual fund and variable trust fund asset allocation programs designed to deliver dynamic asset allocation strategies to the financial intermediary marketplace. He also spent two years as RIA Sales Manager, where he managed the inside sales team supporting lead generation and client service for the RIA channel. Prior to Rydex, he worked in various roles at a family-owned business. Jake holds Series 3, 7, 26, and 63 securities registrations.

William E. Flaig, Jr.
Chief Investment Officer

Bill joined Arrow Investment Advisors in February of 2007. His experience of more than 25 years includes two years as a principle of Paladin Asset Management, where some of his original research in Absolute Return Factors evolved into the Arrow Alternative Solutions Fund. During his five years at Rydex Investments, he was Director of Portfolio Management and managed the entire portfolio team.

While at Rydex, Bill defined the concept of hedge fund replication, initiated the research and investment strategies on which several alternative funds are based, and then directed the management of those strategies. He also developed best practices for creating leverage within the constraints of an actively traded open-end mutual fund.

Bill also spent six years at Bankers Trust Company in a range of roles including currency trading, proprietary trading, derivatives structuring, emerging market fixed income and currency trading. Bill graduated from Purdue University with a degree in management.