Arrow DWA Tactical Fund
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Minimum Investment:

• $5,000 non-qualified accounts

• $2,000 retirement accounts

• $250 subsequent investments

• Class I minimum initial investment $1 million

Operating Expenses*Total Fund Expenses
Class A1.61%1.84%
Class C2.36%2.59%
Class I1.36%1.59%

*Plus acquired fund fees of 0.23%.


TAC70px.jpg Arrow DWA Tactical Fund
A Systematic RS Global Macro Strategy
Investment Strategy
Seeks long term capital appreciation with capital preservation as a secondary objective. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by implementing a proprietary Relative Strength (RS) Global Macro model developed by Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA). Based on the technical analysis and relative strength expertise of Dorsey Wright & Associates.
Fund Highlights
  • Provides access to a tactical global macro strategy using long and inverse exposure to U.S. and
         international stocks with global exposure to fixed income, commodities and currencies
  • Gives access to the technical analysis expertise of Dorsey Wright & Associates
  • Core strategy with a strict relative strength buy and sell discipline
  • Who Should Invest?
  • Designed for investors who have an investment time horizon of at least five years
  • A fund that has flexibility to narrow its focus by investing among a wide range of global asset classes,
         rotation strategies and ETFs
  • An actively managed alternative to strategic asset allocation funds, target maturity funds and life cycle
         funds that fall into the tactical global macro category
  • Investment Overview
    Based on the DWA RS Global Macro investment model, the Arrow DWA Tactical Fund uses a systematic process to continuously seek relative strength across multiple global markets. Using a strict buy/sell discipline, the Fund accesses the global market segments primarily through the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

    Market Segment Description
    Equities Provides long/short exposure to domestic, international and emerging market equities. Short (or inverse) exposure will generally not exceed an allocation of 30%. 0% 100%
    Fixed Income Provides exposure to domestic, international, and emerging fixed income markets, including corporate, government, and agency bonds. 0% 100%
    Alternatives Includes global exposure to real estate, currencies, and commodities. Allocations will generally not exceed 30% for each of these individual alternative strategies. 0% 90%
    Multiple Global Asset Exposure
    With fewer constraints, Global Macro strategies are able to pursue a targeted investing style. The goal of the Fund is to systematically identify and provide exposure to leading global market strategies. The following table highlights the global macro strategies that are monitored within the three market segments.

    Equities Fixed Income
    U.S. Style Rotation
    U.S. Sector Rotation
    International Rotation
    Global Dividend
    Global Alpha
    Global Inverse
    Global Inflation
    U.S. Treasury Rotation
    Global Income
    Commodity Rotation
    Currency Rotation
    Global REIT

    The fund may use futures to provide exposure to these strategies.

    The Arrow DWA Tactical Fund may not be suitable for all investors. The fund may invest in commodity-related securities, which may be subject to greater volatility than investments in traditional securities. The fund may invest in international and emerging market securities, which may be subject to special risks including fluctuations in currency, government regulation, differences in accounting standards and liquidity. Investing in small-cap securities may have special risks, including wider variations in earnings and business prospects than larger, more stablished companies. The fund may invest in real estate-related securities, which may be subject to mortgage-related risks and real estate market fluctuations. The fund may invest in fixed income securities, which are subject to risks including interest rate, credit and inflation. The maximum sales charge for Class A is 5.75%. Class A investors may be eligible for a reduction in sales charges. The Fund charges a fee of 1.00% on redemptions of shares held less than 30 days.