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Arrow Dogs of the World ETF
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Arrow DOGS of the World ETF

Arrow Funds Announces Closure of DOGS ETF.
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Investment Strategy
Seeks long-term capital appreciation that corresponds generally to the performance, before fees and expenses, of the AI Dogs of the World Index (ex. USA). The index selects the five worst performing countries where a return reversal or move back toward the mean (or average) is anticipated. The index has a contrarian approach that looks for deep value among a universe of 44 countries.
Fund Highlights
  • Global Value- mean reversion focus
  • May provide low correlation to domestic
           equity market
  • Diversification tool for traditional international
           portfolios (Growth and Cap-weighted)
  • Unique approach to international equity
  • May be negatively correlated within and
           across countries
  • Mean Reversion Effect Among Countries 
    The mean reversion anomaly is one of the oldest anomalies described by academia. It was originally discovered among stocks in one country, but subsequent academic studies have shown it also works on broad country market exposure, and its performance shows strong consistency. One fundamental reason to explain the mean reversion anomalies across countries is insufficient cross-border equity flows due to investors’ fears of capital controls. Another explanation is behavioral biases in investors’ behavior. The AI Dogs of the World Index was developed to exploit this anomaly. The Arrow Dogs of the World ETF provides investors a low cost and packaged solution to access this investment strategy.
    Profile Market Data as of 05/12/2020
    Symbol DOGS NAV Price $32.89
    Exchange NYSE NAV Price Change $0.00
    Inception Date 01/02/2018 Market Price¹ $31.96
    Cusip 042765693 Market Price Change $0.00
    Related Index AI Dogs of the World Index (ex USA) Premium/Discount -0.93
    Net Expense Ratio³ 1.34% Shares Outstanding 100,000
    IOPV Ticker DOGS.IV Volume 0
    Related Index Ticker ADOGXTR Total Net Assets $3,289,000.00