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2021 Market Outlook This brochure presents fundamental support for asset class performance. Parts 1-4 review economic and market fundamentals on a backward- and forward-looking basis. Parts 5-7 review domestic-global-markets and asset class performance, historically, currently and on a forward-looking basis. The 2021 Outlook provides fundamental support for alternative investment options available to investors, who seek to hedge inflation risk and deflation risk, the two-primary means for losing “money-wealth in current dollars (deflation) and in future purchasing power of their dollars (inflation).”
2020 Market Outlook An educational brochure focused on the outlook of the market in 2020 and the importance of international investing.
Global Yield Investing An educational brochure explaining the concept of using a diversified, global view for yield investing. The brochure discusses various aspects of yield-focused investments, both from an asset class and global allocation perspective.
DUNN Capital Management

The brochure explains the potential merits of managed futures and introduces the DUNN Capital World Monitory Program—the investment strategy used by the Arrow Managed Futures Strategy Fund.